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Hey there, I'm Hilda, the heart and creative force behind every balloon design. My journey began in 2017, unexpectedly stumbling upon the balloon world while decorating for my kids' prom. Enchanted by the artistry, I took the leap and turned a chance discovery into a full-fledged passion. Leaving behind my finance career, I fully immersed myself in the joy of transforming your visions into vibrant, fun-filled balloon displays. When I'm not crafting balloon magic, my happiness lies in family moments, fueled by my love for coffee, wine, great food, and leisurely bike rides through Colorado's beautiful trails.

As The Balloon-ART-ista, I alleviate the stress of event decor, infusing creativity and color to turn your visions into vibrant, unforgettable celebrations.

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At The Balloonista, our commitment goes beyond balloons – it's about exceeding your expectations. Dive into our world of eye-popping balloon installations, outstanding customer service, and top-notch quality. We understand the challenges of event planning, and our goal is to make it a stress-free, joy-filled experience for you.

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